On the Capital One data breech:

“They caught the guy who stole 100 million identities and charged him with one crime? He should be charged with 100 million crimes!”

On the Mueller report and testimony:

“At last, a voice in the wilderness!”

“Robert Mueller wanted American voters to hear from him, rather than have it distorted by lies by Trump’s cronies. He made it absolutely clear that Russia intervened in our elections and did so to help elect Trump. Mueller also made clear that the Russians approached the Trump campaign and provided illicit help to his campaign, which was never reported to authorities. Then they lied to cover it up. Mueller also made it clear that his report didn’t exonerate Trump. He said: ‘The president was not exculpated.’ When asked if Trump could be charged when he left office, Mueller said that was true. Asked if his investigation was a ‘witch hunt.’ Mueller answered: ‘It is not a witch hunt... Absolutely, it was not a hoax.’ Mueller testified that the threat of foreign interference in our elections remains imminent, however Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked legislation to secure our elections.

On the proposed NYSEG rate hike:

NYSEG says a 25% rate hike will only increase bills by $10 ... how many people have electric bills of $40? My $300 bill will go to $375 per month. Chump change for someone in Spain, maybe, but too much for me. (NYSEG’s owners live in Spain.)

On learning a language:

“I don’t know why everybody else has to learn English; it would behoove us to learn a thing or two.”

“Please learn English, because I don’t know any other language. If you come to my country, the best in the world, you will need to learn English because most of us don’t know any other languages. Spanish, even, was not an elective when I was in school. Little did they know; so, little do I know. It would have been a nice benefit to offer or even require a second language to graduate, especially the popular Spanish, which is more prevalent than French or Hebrew, but what do I know?! I’m only a dumb white American girl, third generation of immigrants. Anglais, s’il vous plait!”

On Chuck Pinkey’s July 27-28 column:

“Chuck Pinkey should sell his manure spreaders elsewhere because nobody’s buying them around here. Who really know what a double-talker means or feels? Who really knows what’s behind the facade of an actor? Who really knows how to interpret a tone of voice or an ugly sneer? A lot of people for the past 40 years, that’s who! It is the majority — if not all — who did business with Trump, lived in his neighborhood, knew his family, followed his ‘career,’ etc. You should go back to selling manure spreaders somewhere else, Chuck, because we don’t need anymore spreading of manure around here.”

On President Trump:

“On behalf of the president of the United States, I would like to apologize to American’s children for the childish and bad behavior this ignorant man has shown the world, especially children.”

On ‘The Squad’:

“The Squad members are appalled (can’t say I blame them) and they are speaking truth to corrupt power out of their keep love for America. We know that, and you know that.”

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