On the Induction crowd:

“Huge (and absolutely deserved) reception for Mo and Moose from a very grateful New York crowd ... but, will be shattered next year when Jeter makes his way to Cooperstown!”

On the ‘House Hunters’ episode in Cooperstown:

“I spent many, many hours in this house over many, many years. It was the home of a friend in grade school and high school, and one of my best friends bought it in the early 1980s and lived in it for over 20 years. A really nice house on a wonderful street.”

“Loved the episode and happy I guessed the street properly after being gone from Cooperstown for over 40 years. I’ll always love my town!”

On the Green Wave:

“Be proud, you had an awesome season.”

On the law banning declawing:

“So happy that law got passed and signed.”

“Yeah, this is definitely one of the better regulations to be passed!”

On the closure and reopening of the Neahwa Park entrance:

“This is good, but the notion that the outcry was primarily due to lack of communication is ridiculous. It doesn’t take a degree in public administration to have realized that adding a half-mile of driving within the park to every trip to Damaschke Field, Catella Park and other heavily used areas of the parks would do the opposite of making the park safer for pedestrians. And it is disingenuous to keep mentioning that pedestrians have to cross railroad tracks to enter via Market Street, since they will STILL need to do so if the entrance is closed to cars ... unless the ‘enhanced’ entrance includes a bridge (which would have to have its own elevator to allow for clearance over the tracks). And there is no need for another study. Build the sidewalk and separate pedestrians/bicycles from cars with a curb or fence.”

“The powers that be were not Onta a darn thing with this stunt.”

“Wow, for once I will actually applaud the mayor for his humble remarks and acknowledging the city needs to hear public opinion. Now that being said, I hope he will listen to the public about the art apartments in the Dietz Street parking lot. Mr. Mayor, PLEASE consider putting your art apartments on the corner of Market and Main Street Extension. Yes, tear down the eyesore old Ford building and build all you want there.”

“They have listened one time. Way to go Oneonta and all involved.”

“I believe what they should do is fix the entrance up. And fix the other entrance up also. Make it appealing for people to visit and use.”

“I like the idea of making it look better, less industrial and with a sidewalk and plants. But don’t limit vehicle access.”

On parking in Oneonta:

“I don’t think parking is that bad compared to other places I’ve been. Is it always convenient? No. Sometimes you need to walk a little.”

On the lawyer shortage in upstate New York:

“One obvious answer is paralegals. These well trained legal professionals can perform many of the tasks of admitted attorneys, expand reasonably priced services to more people, and operate as a profit center for the supervising attorney.”\

On a dog that died in New Berlin:

“I feel like everyone plays a part here: the neighbor for taking pictures but not bringing water; the caretaker for her carelessness; and the police and dog warden for not responding in a timely manner. Everyone plays a part in the unnecessary death of this dog.”

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