On a column by E.J. Dionne:

“Trump’s strategy, among other things, is to put as much money in my 401(k) as possible, and the future looks quite rosy.”

“That’s because the Democratic Party has no spirit just a bunch of outlandish ideas and fake promises.”

On the NY-19 congressional race:

“Two-star Gen. Anthony German has challenged Rep. Antonio Delgado in New York’s 19th Congressional District. He claims Delgado failed to check the most extreme elements of his party. The most extreme elements of the Democratic House include four women who are not going back to their home country. Three of them were born American citizens. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has emphasized dealing with global warming, which we all should be concerned about. Ayanna Pressley’s Massachusetts district was once represented by John F. Kennedy and Tip O’Neill. During Rep. Rashida Tiaib’s tenure as a Michigan legislator, she was one of ten Muslims serving in state legislatures across America. Rep. Ilhan Omar was a child when her family escaped Somalia. Her congressional district includes all of Minneapolis and some of its suburbs. She won 56% of the votes. Thankfully, Delgado doesn’t have issues with religious minorities or skin color.”

On Patrick Buchanan’s Aug. 3-4 column:

“With 90 percent criticism and no cooperation I’m surprised he can get anything done. God bless him. Thank you, Mr. President, for all you’re trying, and for all you do. Those that think they are so pious will hopefully someday realize they are not.”

“The better question is whether Donnie is interested in justice, and that’s an emphatic no. He and his administration regularly disregard laws that get in the way of their politics. And he repeatedly has expressed admiration for autocrats, such as Putin, Kim, bin Salman, Duterte, Erdogan and Bolsonaro, who jail and murder without trial.”

“He’s ‘capturing’ the heart and soul of every fear-filled, hatred-riddled sociopath in this country. Law and order as in a dictatorship.”

“Yeah. The career criminal in the White House admires the rule of law. Sure.”

“He is chaos. Period. He causes more than he helps.”

“That traitor and criminal law and order?”

“Why am I supposed to care about what a white supremacist like Pat Buchanan cares about ... well, anything, really?”

“You know if they treated him with same bipartisanship as other presidents he wouldn’t have to find a different angle to get stuff done because he wasn’t a vetted politician? How about the rest of this country cares about us first instead of selling our rights away to China like other presidents have and put us in debt with them. It was OK to allow a Chinese company to buy Rockefeller center. It’s OK to give our uranium rights away to Russia and allow BP to drill near our shores and take our oil and then kill our beaches and wildlife.”

On the roaming buffalo:

“They thought the grass greener on the other side, but found out it’s not! LOL.”

“I think he should be in trouble, thank God no one was hurt but he should have to reimburse the state for their time helping him and that poor woman in Roseboom where her fields that were meant for her livestock.”

“Bison! They’re bison! LOL.”

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