On President Trump:

“Several comments from a senior citizen: I thank Almighty God for President Trump. I’m close to 80 years old and have seen many presidents come and go. I’m so proud to have lived to finally see someone in the Oval Office who is trying to clean up the cesspool of Washington, D.C. Why is it people think they are going to get something from Washington D.C. free? Are that that stupid that they don’t realize someone, somewhere has to pay for free college, free housing, free health care, etc., etc. It’s taxpayers’ money that subsides all, not the politicians who advocate it. Wake up. Does it make sense to give our tax many to people who never paid taxes? My motto is American people first, all other get in line the legal way! God bless President Trump and America.” “For those people who still support President Trump, I have a message for them (and him): His bigotry against minorities, immigrants and the rotten way he treats some of his country men make me sick. And now our ‘fearless leaders’ is going to cut back on food stamp programs. My wife and I worked hard when we were working, and I am disabled and she is retired and on Social Security. We’ve had three catastrophic illnesses in three years and now we can’t even get food stamps! I was born with a heart defect and we’ve both been active up until three years ago. If the wealthy don’t pay more in taxes they’re gonna starve me to death! President Trump and his cronies are making life hell for a lot of people, including me.”

On new license plates:

“Gov. Cuomo says that the license plates are ours so we should pay for. Don’t we do that when we register our vehicles and aren’t we required to turn them them in if we take a vehicle off the road? That doesn’t sound like they are mine if I have to give them back when I am done using them.”

On President Trump and immigration:

“Trump has demonstrated a blatant disregard for human rights. His administration has created a humanitarian crisis by separating families, keeping some children caged in detention centers and allowing inhumane conditions for children separated from their parents. Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda needed to be stopped, but a Republican-controlled Senate and Supreme Court will not take action. Immigrant children have been held for weeks without access to basic necessities such as clean water or a place to sleep. Recently, Trump glanced at the sky and said ‘I am the chosen one.’ His administration has withdrawn from the Flores Settlement Agreement, the federal consent decree of 1997, that had set basic standards for the detention of migrant children and teenagers. He intends to hold immigrant families in concentration camps indefinitely. His reckless policies adds to the suffering of people who came here fleeing violence, seeking refuge, and trying to build a better life.”

On complaints about the city gun range:

“I think Mr. Starna should request to attend an OPD supervised training and firing session to fully understand why our law enforcement personnel need to practice as frequently as policy and personal preference requires it. If after this Mr. Starna.” “What a joke. They have to train somewhere. The people didn’t know that was a firing range when they bought their house?” “It seems the night shooting has increased. At times, they have notified the public — which is helpful. I didn’t realize people could go there anytime. That seems questionable.”

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