On President Trump:

“President Donald Trump is a racist and a misogynist. Racism has been defined as the belief in the superiority of one race over another. It may also include prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity, or the belief that members of different races or ethnicities should be treated differently. Misogyny signifies discrimination based on sex. It frequently refers to discrimination against women, but also refers to behavior, conditions or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. In a State of the Union address President Obama explained: ‘Tolerant Americans have defended free speech, condemned the persecution of women, religious minorities, and persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Those Americans, who stand for those values do so not only, because they believe its the right thing to do, but because ultimately it will make us all safer.’”

On Bob Cairns’ Aug. 24-25 column:

“Robert Cairns got it all wrong on Greenland and Denmark. I am glad that Trump is not allowing our so-called allies like Denmark to get away with calling us ‘absurd’ when we float a perfectly good idea like acquiring Greenland. This same idea was pushed by President Truman, and Marc Thiessen of The Washington Post likes the idea too. The USA has been pushed around, called names and made to look like the bad guy for decades by insignificant nations. We supply the vast majority of defense for NATO and Europe, including Denmark. In fact, Denmark only spent 1.35% of its GDP on defense last year when it promised in 2014 to increase it to a (measly) 2%. The USA spends 3.6% of our GDP! This is how these socialist countries get away with health care for all — we have to take care of them!”

On gun control laws:

“If a person decides to do harm to others no amount of gun control will stop them! Wake up people and address the mental health issue in this country. BTW, do you all realize how many mental health offices have been shut down in New York State, let alone, Otsego County. Hum our tax dollars at work? NOT.”

“No one can stop shootings! Are these people delusional? Shootings happen because of pure evil. Not because of mental illness, not because of politics, not because of the gun used. The perpetrator using the gun is the only responsible party and no amount of gun control could or would prevent these mass killings from happening. In my opinion, the only way to stop this is to level the playing field. Good guys with guns have halted bad guys with guns on many occasions, saving countless lives.”

“Just asking, how well did FBI background checks work for the Pulse Nightclub? Oh, that’s right, the shooter passed at least two, and he took so long on his ‘spree’ he could have been using a musket.”

“True. Over 100 bills passed congress this year a couple being gun safety regulation. Moscow Mitch refuses to bring any to the floor for a vote.”

“The left only blames the gun, the right blames everything but the gun and you’re both wrong.”

“Decreased access to the most dangerous guns by the most dangerous citizens. No one needs a weapon designed to kill and maim quickly and efficiently.”

“Just send out more thoughts and prayers, that’s sure to fix all the hate.”

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