On President Donald Trump:

“Well, well. Naughty Donny Trump has found out something his parents never taught him: that if you do something bad, there can be consequences.”

On Delaware County government:

“Three years back, the Board of Supervisors voted against buying the MacFarlane property for the highway garage. Guess what? The empire at Main Street, Delhi, has found a way to hide the money for the down payment. The public was never involved. We just went through the drama with Social Services. If you think politics is dirty at the national scene, just check Main Street, Delhi.”

On Big Chuck’s Nov. 25 column:

“Senator Seward is a great guy and senator. He’s done a lot for our area. Had the pleasure of chatting with him last Memorial Day at the Otego American Legion. He loves veterans and stands up for us.”

On a media conference against bail reform:

“Hahahahahahahaha. This guy is such a hypocrite. He called upon Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature to suspend the effective date of the new laws for at least three months so the criminal justice system and the public could give input on the changes. How’s that fair? You don’t give people on trial three months to review the pre-trial discovery you give them a day or two. Then make them come to court hearing in orange jump suits.” 

On single-payer health care in New York:

“Another way to drive people out of the state. I am loudly against this idea.”

“Capital created by the current system of private health insurance is the single biggest factor driving innovation in medical and pharmaceutical technology. The system isn’t perfect, but switching to a government-funded single-payer system would likely stunt life-saving and life-enhancing health care innovation moving forward.”

“Currently, seniors have automatic health care from Medicare, but no one else does? How does that make any sense? “

“Single payer makes so much sense.”

On a Sidney church closing:

“Sadly, this is a growing trend in many rural churches.”

“So sad. Will the last person left in Sidney turn out the lights?”

On our opinion on Trump’s pardoning of Edward Gallagher:

“His values, or lack thereof, have been on display for decades.”

“Your opinion is tainted and not friendly toward those that saved your warped soul. If you did not serve you have no validity.”

“I vehemently disagree with the agenda and one-sidedness of this op-ed piece. However, I served in the military for seven years to defend their right to be able to express this opinion. I think if we ALL keep that concept in mind, we’d ALL be a heck of a lot better off.” 

On Bob Cairns’ Dec. 14-15 column:

“Bravo to you, Mr. Cairns! It is honorable of you to stick up for your reporters. I too would love to see the transcripts of the hearings made public. It would make it clear that the attacks on your reporters and on Dana, made by Ms. Mole, were unfounded.”

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