On New York:

“Governor Cuomo is correct. It is the ‘whether’ why people are leaving New York. They must decide whether to stay and pay high taxes or whether to go to a low tax state with no income tax. By the way, will the last person to leave New York please turn off the lights?”

On the U.S. government: 

“Our Constitution was adopted on June 21, 1788. Human history had revealed a tendency to concentrate power and authority to kings, dictators and thugs. Consequently,  a system of checks and balances was implemented. Our Founding Fathers put in place separate branches of government, and a division of responsibility between them. The executive branch of government would be held by one person, but his power would be checked by impeachment. Our country was immoral from the very beginning because it accepted slavery and the slave trade. Our Constitution was a significant departure from other forms of government, because it was expected to adjudicate disagreement without violence and transfer power peacefully. Now, presidential historian Jon Meacham describes Trump as “Functionally a monarch.”  Marco Rubio and Lamar Alexander conceded what Trump did was wrong and impeachable.”

On a Sound Off on President Obama’s legacy:

“When you rule by executive decree you have no legacy because all that you did can be reversed with the same pen. His only legacy left is that he replaced Jimmy Carter as the most ineffectual presidents in the last century.”

On a Teen Talk columnist:

“Your Teen Talk columnist Victor Gelfuso is wise beyond his years! My wife and I around 3.5 times his age and still had a lot to learn  from his Feb.1 and 2 column.”

On a panel to look at Medicaid costs:

“I hope and pray that this is looked at. I believe that those who don’t have to worry about care don’t stop to think about those who need all the help possible. My sister who doesn’t have the ability to be on her own as a special needs individual is having services removed.”

On SUNY enrollment problems:

“SUNY schools used to be a good option for affordable higher education. This is no longer true. And the quality of education often pales in comparison to private schools. Work on these issues and maybe you won’t have to funnel students in from out of state.”

“A few things to consider. Start providing majors that lead to careers that enable the students to pay back their loans. Eliminate majors that do not lead to the ability to pay back their student loans. Offer trades. Most important, flip New York state red. Democrat policies are driving people to leave New York.”

On the city of Oneonta:

“When is our Oneonta city council going to stand up to Mayor Herzig? The Democrats stand up to President Trump! The Dietz Street Lofts, Market Street bus terminal and of course the annual neglect of cars not being ticketed or towed with 2½ inches of snow. Citizens should look local for better leadership NOW.”

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