On the Religious Corporation Law:

“As a Christian and as a Democrat, I am calling on our local senator and assemblyman to call for the abolishment of the state Religious Corporations Law. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States prevents the government from dictating to a place of worship and to tell a place of worship how to run its place of worship. If our federal government can obey this law, our state can do the same.”

On legislative cooperation:

“Here’s what I would like to see our local senator and assemblyman doing in 2022: stop whining and complaining about when a bill doesn’t pass or about the opposition; work with our governor to create a state budget that works for everyone,; help their hometowns bring in business and local economy; help fix the tax problem instead of not doing anything about it; show up to county/municipality/school board meetings when they are invited; demonstrate bipartisanship, and learn about and demonstrate facts on a particular issue instead of blatantly lying to their constituents.”

On gas prices:

“Biden and his administration have said repeatedly that gas prices have dropped by at least 10 cents over the last two or three weeks. Really. Where is that?  It is not anywhere around here. They need a dose of reality. Get their head out of the sand. Ten cents is a good start, but it needs to get much better than that. Hopefully someday we will see the price drop around here.”

On signs displaying vulgar language:

“This is in reply to the lady from Hobart about vulgar language. People in East Meredith have the same problem. A man on county Route 10 has the same sign on his front lawn along with all the flags. He seems to believes he is the same as the U.N. with all the flags.”

On appointments:  

“It’s fine when doctors, physician assistants or nurse practitioners can be over 15 minutes late or more but heaven forbid a patient is 15 minutes or more late and the patient is asked to reschedule their appointment. This needs to change.”

On criminal justice reform: 

“The media should investigate and report on the effects of criminal justice reform in and around Otsego County. Has it been a success or disaster? There has not been a true unbiased analysis and no reporting on its impact. Have criminals changed their way and become good citizens? Are defendants making their court appearances and behaving? These are fair questions that should be investigated and reported.”

On Damaschke Field:

“What happened to the money that was allotted for the new grandstands at Damaschke Field? Is it being built this year?”


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