On a Board of Supervisors form of government:

“In today’s environment managing a town and the county is too big of a job for one person. It’s time we reworked county government. We need to do away with town supervisors also sitting on the county board. Let’s look at Dutchess County’s model of an elected county executive and elective legislative districts. The current system may have been appropriate in the 1800s, but recent developments show it is not working today.”

On American policy in the Middle East:

“In his Cairo speech, President Obama became the only president to ever addressed the 1953 CIA-backed coup against prime minister Mohammed Mossadegh. In 2008, the president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Mohamed Elmasry predicted: ‘Nearly five years after the American invasion, more than 20 percent of Iraqis have been killed, wounded, displaced within their own country, exiled as refuges abroad, or have lost one or more next-of-kin. The rest of Iraq’s population exists with little or no security, clean water, electricity, or accessible education for their children. Their oil is looted every day by the Americans. In the meantime, the Americans are busy preparing to attack yet another country, spreading more looting, more death, more suffering, and more destruction next door in Iran.’ Lying and invading countries for their natural resources is acceptable, because the Republican Party worships greed and have little empathy for the less fortunate.”

On President Trump:

“The trouble with Trump is he’s nothing but trouble. He loves it. He’s a liar, of course, when he announced that he likes peace. He almost spits when he says the word. The more chaos and confusion the better. The better for him but no one else. He likes confusion so he can hide behind it and get away with his behavior. There’s no accountability or transparency. He creates uncertainty and instability and insecurity, leaving the world a mirror image of himself — very, very ugly and dangerous.”

On Kirby Olson’s columns:

“Wow! Where does The Daily Star find these delusional columnists? There was Tom Sears, then Chuck Pinkey, now Kirby Olson. Man, did this guy drink the Kool-Aid! He makes Sears and Pinkey look intelligent. That isn’t easy. In a previous column he claimed that ALL of the doors in Delhi are locked at night. They are not. He also claimed that the most common first word for children is ‘mine.’ It isn’t. He says that every student at SUNY Delhi knew the winner of the NBA final. Another lie. He talks about Delhi sports athletes as ‘we,’ as if he speaks for everyone. ‘We don’t hate them. We love them,’ he says, referring to Walton athletes. Interesting. Did Olson ask every Delhi athlete about their feelings for Walton athletes? While there may be some love going on, you can bet there is also a fair representation of other sentiments.”

On the State ofthe State speech:

“He can spend $3 billion on this while we are $6.1 billion in the hole? His bail reform is a disaster which needs to be repealed before more people get hurt! What’s wrong with this guy?”

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