On the extreme right:

“Are Italians considered white enough by the white nationalists? Is anybody considered white enough if you’re not one of them or theirs? God forbid one of their parents is a mixed raced. Did these so-called nationalists ever go to church? Are most of the from the South? Is this a regional affliction or were they just born ignorant and mean? Thank God life’s short, all things pass in time, and the meek will inherit the earth.”

On Rep. Cheney:

“Rep. Liz Cheney is a war hawk just like her father. She twists the facts, adds in false assertions, and gladly sends other people’s children onto the battlefield. Like father, like daughter.”

 On a letter on a representative government:

“There’s no significance in who wins the popular vote. Clinton’s margin can be explained by the votes of two cities: NYC and LA. Had those 2 coastal cities been even, Trump would have easily won the popular vote as well. A better gauge would be county votes. Trump won 2,600 counties nationwide, Clinton only won 500. The reason we use an electoral college instead of the popular vote is so that in cases such as this election, the nationwide election wouldn’t be decided by just two cities ... The popular vote is misleading and irrelevant when deciding a presidential election.”

“The proposed amendment allocating two extra senators to large population states and one extra senator to mid-range population states runs afoul of the ‘equal suffrage in the Senate’ requirement spelled out in the last sentence of the Constitution’s Article V. That provision says the only way a state can be denied ‘equal representation’ in the Senate, is if affected states GIVE CONSENT. No state would agree to do this of course, which makes equal representation of all states in the Senate effectively the ONLY non-amendable part of the Constitution.”

On the U.S. and the Middle East war:

“The Iraqi Status of Forces Agreement required the approval by the Iraqi parliament, but our Congress was never consulted. Bush signed the deal requiring our combat troops to be out by 2011 and congressional Republicans didn’t complain. In 2010, Iraqi Shiite politicians had refused to grant our troops immunity from prosecution. Iraq’s Shiite Prime Minister Abadi didn’t want our combat troops in Iraq. President Obama urged the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds to come together to defeat ISIS. Thirty thousand Iraqi troops fled in the face of 800 ISIS fighters. Those troops were mostly Sunni, who had no desire to risk their lives for a Shiite administration. A residual force of American military trainers couldn’t prevent their advance. ISIS fighters gained strength during the violence that was unleashed during the Iraq War. In 2015, 20,000 Iranian Shiite militiamen fought ISIS to retake Tikrit, located only 87 miles northwest of Baghdad.”

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