On God and government: 

“Americans should be voting for representation in Congress that values wisdom and virtue, as opposed to intolerance and bigotry. Religious extremists insist same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the benefits of marriage. Some claim that our country is divided because liberal Democrats have forsaken God and have taken control of our government. I suggest that the root cause of our divided country goes back to the words ‘under God,’ being added to the Pledge of Allegiance. Religious extremists are not respecting the rights of others. Instead, they insist that their religious views are superior, righteous and infallible, and that their religious views become the law. Extremists have created this division, which they hope will result in a theocracy not unlike the Taliban in Afghanistan. Animosity and division will continue until religious extremist accept that strict separation of church and state is essential to healing our divided country.”

On putting us first:

“In our ‘Let’s-make-everything-OK’ world, what’s the big deal? After all, what’s so bad about a little lie, cheat just a bit, exaggerate about a person’s past, care for migrants coming in illegally from other countries when we can’t even take care of own needy, spend money we haven’t got for things we don’t need. Welfare, food stamps, WIC, free college tuition, etc. are taxpayer funded, meaning those who work are paying for those who don’t. When are we going to wake up? Why are we condoning, making excuses, paying the price? All nations have a choice between meaningless existence and life abundant. The money spent on weapons in all nations would take care of that nation’s needs. Only in disaster such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires, drought, famine, should it be necessary to help other nations. God gave us all a brain, when are we going to us it?”

On Mayor Herzig’s June 17 column:

“Why the notion that a dog park is needed is ‘surprising to some’ is a mystery, since a dog park has been on the city’s Parks Master Plan since at least 2012 (https://tinyurl.com/yxzhlrt9). What is even more mysterious is why the city has failed to implement that part of the the master plan, as it would be one of the easiest and least expensive items to complete — and past members of the Parks & Rec Commission regularly asked for that. I trust that the city will follow through on that by summer 2020 as the mayor promises in this column.”

On Joe Mahoney’s column on Republicans in New York:

“Now that Democrats have passed the illegal alien voter registration act it will be even harder.”

“And then he has to find a viable candidate. Good luck with that!”

On body cameras:

“I get some officers are messed up, but the majority of them are not. They are good people who signed up to serve our communities with their lives if necessary. I think body cams (maybe even with a live feed) could serve as a helpful tool for protection in many ways all the way around.”

“Along the same lines, dash cams also make sense not only for drivers during general operation, but to also record interactions during traffic stops”

“In some cases they turn them off anyway.”

On Rep. Delgado’s call for more Lyme disease funding:

“Speaking as someone who had Lyme disease, the CDC has been working on this for years and although Delgado seems genuine, it’s all a ploy for Democrats votes as the research is still very much underway by our government.”

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