On a ‘Sound Off’”

“A recent ‘Sound Off’ comment was ‘Why do we have such an ignorant and complacent group who won’t get vaccinated....?’ What about those of us who are unable or unwilling to get the shot due to certain autoimmune or other health conditions? Please don’t judge us as we continue to wear our masks. Some of us may be unvaccinated but we definitely aren’t ‘ignorant and complacent.’ It will not help our country to get reunited by splitting us into those who feel ‘superior’ because they are vaccinated versus those of us who remain unvaccinated.”

On Hickory Grove Inn:

“Eyesore, eyesore, eyesore at 6-Mile point, Cooperstown, the old stately Hickory Grove Inn. What a mess. An embarrassing situation seen daily by hundreds of people (some the first taste of the area) and the owner does nothing. Years and nothing. The owner should be ashamed at this once beautiful property that is now in his control. Shame, shame. “

On a letter on Sound Off:

“I wasn’t going to bother but in response to a letter about anonymity, I am sending this, not sure if its on the mark. I am proud of my ‘Sound Offs.’ some are for sure a bit snarkier than necessary, but I like to amuse myself and a few friends. I am not ‘afraid’ to put my name on what I write, but since the main tactic of the followers of the previous guy is revenge and vindication, why should I put a target on my back? All I ever hear about are stories of his followers hunting down and targeting his supposed ‘enemies’ with harassing phone calls and threats, sometimes much worse, like on Jan. 6 when they were looking for Pence to hang him. It isn’t as if Trump has ever faced consequences for some of his rude comments, has he? At least not yet.”

On Gov. Cuomo running for governor in 2022:

“In a primary it would depend on who was running against him if he got my vote. If he won the primary, he would then get my general election vote.”

On obscene flags: 

“Judging by the comments I’ve seen printed in the paper I see most readers agree that obscene flags are a stretch too far, even when discussing rights of free speech. I imagine trying to explain to my granddaughters how such willful insulting displays of ignorance and stupidity threaten our democratic ideals. And speaking of obscenities, how do you think Black Americans feel when they see the Confederate flag displayed and sold at our county fairs? Do you think they have a similar reaction and feel compelled to have the same conversation with their kids and grandkids?”

On government control:

“Dr. Ben Carson said this happened 60 years ago in the Soviet Union under Khrushchev: 1) gained control of children and indoctrinated them under communism. 2) gained control of media to screen what to show and what not to show. 3) God is replaced by government. 4) massive debt with high taxes. 5)  redistributed wealth. All of the above is complete control of government.”

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