On law enforcement and protesting:

"I understand that in every career there are bad apples so to speak. Law enforcement isn’t any different. I agree with some reform for police in less harmful tactics. However, I think the protesting public should be reformed as well. They should first be taught not to commit a crime. By not committing a crime there will be no need for police intervention. It’s a win/win for everyone. Now let’s see how well the public understands this. It’s time to turn the camera on them."

On those tearing down statues:

"Where is the future of our society headed where mob rule prevails and is accepted in Democratic states and cities? Police are obviously ordered to stand by as statues and monuments are desecrated and pulled down. Where are the arrests for destruction of public property? At the very least, pictures of those involved exist. Track them down and make them financially responsible for the monuments' restoration. The trend of desecrating Civil War memorials and slave owners must stop for a civilized society. The most oppressed, American Indians, could claim all monuments to union troops and generals should be removed from Gettysburg and elsewhere since they massacred the Native populations. Rather than destroy, learn from the past so history doesn't repeat itself, as burning books or libraries will follow, like in Nazi Germany."

On Sound Off:

"The letter by Karen ... oops, sorry, I mean ... Liz Connor, who purports to find 'shameful thoughts' in Sound Off, is just another reason why it must be continued. She seems to be trying to suppress dissenting opinions that don't fit with hers. She seems to believe her opinions are the only legitimate ones and any others won't be tolerated. That is as close to fascism as one can get. If you cannot allow someone to have a different opinion than yours, then you need to read the Constitution. I have never seen a hateful, racist, shameful, or sexist opinion expressed in Sound Off. Liz sees them where none exists. Her desire to out neighbors with different opinions than hers smacks of McCarthyism. I hope The Daily Star stands by the First Amendment and ignores the Karens of this world."


On abortion:

"Why not focus on the greatest killer of people of color. It kills more than drugs and guns. It kills 45% of all black babies in New York City. It's abortion. They pay someone to kill their children under the claim of empowering and educating women. So protest Planned Parenthood, which is annihilating Blacks. Sounds like Hitler and the Jewish people. Check it out! God created us all in his image! We all bleed red. Abortion kills babies and leaves mothers to deal with killing their children. They were convinced that it was OK. Ladies, forgiveness for murder is only a prayer away. Jesus paid for all our sins. Confess and be set free. Why a sign of surrender taking a knee? Stand up and raise your arms to God, who has the power to change things."


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