On the coronavirus:

"That self-involved person who was the leader of our country for four years really destroyed life as we know it. It's his fault we are so far behind in getting a handle on the coronavirus. He is incapable of seeing past the end of his nose."

On the planned Schenevus-Worcester merger: 

"If Schenevus and Worcester do not merge, enrollment will plummet more than it ever will, educational and extracurricular opportunities/activities for the students will rapidly decrease, the taxpayers will be hurt by having their taxes increase, and both school districts/new school district will cease to exist. The best and honorable point of action is to approve the merger. This is not dictating, but merely advising and encouraging the public to do so. Get out to vote 'Yes'  for the merger."

"Kudos to the person in April 30’s column! Merge and receive more debt? Wake up! After the incentive money is gone who’s picking up that bill? First, Schenevus’ debt needs to be paid off. How much future state aide did they borrow to keep going, how much do they still owe, and how much will it cost to pay off existing contracts? Worcester taxpayers don’t need that added expense. This is not the first time Schenevus school has faced financial difficulties. When Schenevus closes and the state re-districts, each of the surrounding schools will take a portion of the debt. In return each district will receive students to increase their enrollment, and in return receive state aide per student and tax dollars. A win/win going forward. All students will receive a quality education, surrounding districts will increase enrollment, and the Worcester taxpayers will not have to carry the burden alone."

 "Vote 'No' on the Worcester-Schenevus merger! Bigger isn't better. It won't give us better teachers or a better education for our kids. All we'll get is more bureaucracy and more government control. All their promises/guesses/estimates are so you will goose-step to what the state wants — which basically is to get rid of small districts. And who is going to pay the inevitable tax increase after the Schenevus debt is paid off (some of which was a loan on future state aid) and the incentive is spent?"

On the police reform order:

"I was reading today's Daily Star article regarding Gov. Cuomo’s executive order number 203 concerning the current police reviews and am amazed that all state law enforcement agencies are exempt from this review. Does this mean these agencies will not benefit from any public review, recommendations, additional training requirements, policy changes/editions, or any changes as outlined in executive order number 203 of the review process? If this is the case, our governor and the state police superintendent are delusional, incompetent and should be immediately replaced. This is unbelievable and all other law enforcement agencies involved in this process should be outraged."

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