On deceit:

“Insight is defined as the ability to see into a situation. I continue to wonder why so many decent people in upstate New York continue to vote for deceitful candidates for Congress after being told so many lies. Trump deceitfully claimed: ‘We have the highest taxes anywhere in the world. We pay more business tax, we pay more personal tax.’ Our Government Accountability Office found that large, profitable American corporations paid an average effective federal tax rate of 12.6 percent in 2010, thanks to things like tax credits, exemptions, and offshore tax havens. Furthermore, our corporate tax collection totaled 2.6 percent of GDP in 2011. That was the 11th lowest in a ranking of 27 wealthy nations. For 23 years, Catherine Herridge worked at Fox News. She began working at CBS News in November. She announced: ‘I feel privileged to join a team where facts and storytelling will always matter.’”

On looking at yourself:

“This is not about politics or religion but about asking yourself these three questions: ‘Do you consider yourself  a person of good character, possess good moral values and ethics, are kind, caring, honest and associate yourself with those having similar traits?’ On the flip side, ‘Would you support someone who is a habitual liar, a bully, a narcissist, a bragger, selfish, demeaning and intimidating, touches women against their will and associated himself with convicted felons?’ If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to both of those questions, ‘Do you consider yourself a phony and a hypocrite?’”

On the Dunkin’/Baskin Robbins proposal being pulled in Cooperstown:

“Too bad. Didn’t like the location but would have been nice to have new jobs in the area.”

“That’s too bad, would have been nice to have some new coffee/pastry and ice cream options.”

“Maybe they will come up with a spot outside of the village and this will help for jobs in the area. Only time will tell.”

“I don’t know what’s more annoying ... seeing people upset that this was a possibility of happening in Cooperstown, or seeing people think this is a victory.”

“Good. We have enough Dunkin’, how about something new?”

“I want to know what Cooperstown as a village is actually ‘for.’ Back when windmills were proposed, Cooperstown said no; Fracking, Cooperstown said no; new businesses want to enter this area, Cooperstown says no; Madison Square Garden was looking to build a venue upstate, this area said no. So what is this area/Cooperstown actually for? I say a village full of NIMBYs.”

On President Trump:

“The unprecedented unbecoming the office of the president will so be the un-becoming of his presidency.”

On Oneonta police and a man resisting arrest:

“Thank you for writing the headline like this. Instead of of others ways I have seen. Thankfully these officers were not injured. Hopefully the individual enjoys some jail time.”

On changes to a traffic light in Oneonta:

“Awesome, let’s see if we can back traffic up to the Walgreens light. Wasn’t having enough fun when it was only backed up to the Dollar General.”

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