On recent animal cruelty charges:

“Some folks absolutely have no business owning any animals. Maybe they’d understand that if they were chained to a couple of cement blocks in the yard for a while. They are truly pathetic excuses for human beings.”

On the grant for Damaschke Field:

“Since the box seats and ‘other artifacts’ are city property and also items of historical interest, one hopes that the city will transfer some of those to the Greater Oneonta Historical Society rather than allow an individual to take them.”

“Does the grandstand have ‘historical’ status? If removed it should be rebuilt to resemble the current grandstand.”

“Just what our town needs ... not. This town wastes more money on stupid things then I’ve ever seen anywhere. The locals don’t care about Damashke Field. We want better shopping stores and affordable housing, nicer roads and fun stuff to do for families that’s affordable. Millions of dollars a year to new restaurants, baseball, colleges ... it’s beyond disappointing.”

“How about fixing the roads before wasting money on recreational activities.”

“$1M? Really? On Damaschke Field? I’m sorry but that is crazy! Put that money into homeless vets, animal shelters, drug rehabs. I love baseball but it’s not what that $1M needs to be spent on.”

“Well there’s so many positives and so many negatives I don’t think any of them going to make a difference regardless.”

On concerns over legalizing marijuana:

“Clinton County Sheriff David Favro’s argument is complete nonsense! Cannabis is already in widespread use throughout the state of New York. Whatever effects it will have are already being felt. Cannabis prohibition is a ridiculous waste of police, court and taxpayer resources. Data from the Centers for Disease Control proves that cannabis is safer than alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, which are completely legal. Based on that fact alone cannabis should be completely legal. In the USA, eight states have fully legalized recreational cannabis: Washington, Maine, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska plus Washington, D.C. Canada, Uruguay, Jamaica all completely legal for recreational cannabis! Thirty states and counting have legalized ‘medical’ cannabis! Cannabis prohibition wrongfully persecutes and criminalizes cannabis consumers for selecting a recreational substance that is MUCH safer than booze or cigarettes!” 

On the RSS proposal in Oneonta:

“Much needed? Yes. But ‘bricks and mortar’ are always the easy part. Case management, counseling and other essential support services will determine the future successes of programs such as these.”

On if President Trump should stop tweeting:

“The Donald should not stop tweeting. He’s entertaining. However ... he is a thin-skinned third-grade bully. He is an unhinged idiot. He’s a low-class scoundrel. Other than that, he’s not a bad guy.”

“No, it keeps the news media a little honest.”

“Glad he’s tweeting.”

“The more he tweets, the closer we get to the point at which even his fans will come to realize what a terrible leader he is. So have at it, Donnie.”

“Yes. He should be in prison.”

“Obama tweeted, so what’s the difference ! Oh I see, compassion — Obama went smushy smushy smushy kissie kissie, and Trump says get a life lady...”

“NO. Don’t even think about it. Donald J. Trump is the most open and honest president in my lifetime. He shares what he truly thinks/believes on a daily basis and we all should appreciate his openness and respect him for his transparency. Whether you like what he says or not we should never ask him to stop sharing his thoughts.”

“Nope, he has that right, just as you do to be idiots worrying about it...”

“No, it’s a great medium for him.”

On Amphenol’s solar farm plan:Text Color

“So what happens when a solar farm floods in the future?”

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