On Rep. Delgado:

“Congressman Antonio Delgado is accused of being beholden to the radical left.  Actually, he decided that Trump had gone too far and that it was his responsibility as a member of the House of Representatives to do his duty as required by our Constitution.  Trump has abused the powers of the office and misused the presidency for improper purposes and personal gain.  The United States Military Academy at West Point has a ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ pledge.  It simply asserts: ‘A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.’  Delgado shouldn’t be criticized for not working across the aisle with President Trump’s cronies, because they repeatedly indulge in deceitful over-generalizations and lies.  I applaud Rep. Delgado for not participating in that type of collusion.  He’ll be re-elected by upstate voters, because most of them don’t lie, cheat or steal and won’t tolerate that kind of behavior.”

On impeachment proceedings:

“Regardless of where you stand in politics, it’s very hard for me to wrap my head around those of us who love America so much being OK with our leader asking other countries to do our bidding against our own citizens. Whether you love Trump or not, you must admit that this is a factual find, and it’s damning. This left vs. right stuff has got to stop, and we all have to realize that this accusation, which is seemingly true, is very, very alarming. How American is it to go against our own lawful citizens?”

On political leadership:

“Enough is enough. We need to dump Trump, ditch Mitch, bar Barr and rid Rudy! We need to elect a president who is honest, ethical, respectful, puts country before self interests, respects our Constitution and laws and knows how to be a leader of a democracy. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties have candidates running now for president that could do this. We need to choose from these candidates to elect a president that will reunite our country, work with Congress, realign with our allies and save our democracy.”

On a letter on the Republican Party:

“Wow, the socialist sage of Delhi is back writing I see! Jim, are you still pushing communism and pay-to-play policies? It’s been a long time and I see your writing skills haven’t changed with your false narratives? Like it or not, socialism will never survive in the free world due to patriotic people like myself who love our freedom and will not allow it to be taken away through governmental control over the people! Remember, this is America, land of the free, which we will fight to the death to protect just like we did in the past.”

On the Cherry Valley Bookstore:

“Hard to imagine a more worthy and charming retirement project. Thank you so much for taking it on; we’ll visit soon (from an hour away!).”

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