On taxes:

“Just something more to bleed the people living in New York State. Who does Cuomo think he is kidding? Whose pockets will this scenario fill? How many people can afford this — especially here in Otsego County? Tolls my foot. And besides who pays his tolls? It’s the taxpayers who are already overtaxed. And then Trump wants to cut payroll taxes. What out everyone when you file your income tax next year — January 2020. You will pay dearly, no matter if it is Cuomo or Trump.”

On new license plates:

“Regarding Gov. Cuomo’s new license plates I agree with The Daily Star it is nothing more than a ‘cash grab’ on the back of motorists at most the cost possibly $10 with the rest into Albany’s general fund. Regarding the old white plates with blue lettering, the new plates will be virtually the same with the light background. Old plates worked fine several years ago on the Whitestone Bridge with a bill send to me withing a couple weeks. Prior trips to Texas and Florida worked the same before New York ever thought of it.”

On the Alzheimer’s Association:

“Kudos to Ann Thayer and the local Alzheimer’s Association for sponsoring caregiver seminars for family members or other people dealing with caring for people with this disease. These seminars were a godsend to our family. Ann works tirelessly to help families affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. I urge people to look into all the Alzheimer’s Association has to offer if you know someone suffering from this terrible disease.” 

On gun control laws:

“In states that have concealed carry, there are fewer shootings as the bad people never know who may shoot back. It would be better to give concealed carry to everyone that passes back ground check, so that anyone who tries to carry out mass shootings would go down faster.”

“There is no reason for civilians to own assault weapons.”

“So much easier to call for more control of your fellow citizens than to look in the mirror and see the problem. You know, you must, that guns aren’t the problem.”

On the trade war:

“Twitler is an idiot with his tariffs. The only ones paying the price will be us. China and others are just going to buy the crops from elsewhere. The U.S. then gets the tab for the welfare he is giving the farmers to make up the loss. He has run every business he had into the ground and will do the same to us.”

On early voting:

“Love this! I travel for work and it’s tough at times to get to my polling place. This will really help.”

“They will have one more way to cheat. I will not vote early, so that they can take away my vote.”

On Froma Harrop’s Aug. 8 column:

“Make illegal any device you want, you will never stop the evil. It is part of the world we live in. However, you cannot take away an individuals Second Amendment right to protect themselves and others from this evil or more importantly from an overreaching government.”

On Oneonta getting zombie property grants:

“Are you serious didn’t Oneonta just get a $10 million grant what about the rest of the towns and villages in Otsego County you know there are other places in this county besides Oneonta and Cooperstown. Spread the wealth around.”

“Hope this creates affordable rental housing for non-students.”

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