On politicians:

“Very disappointed that candidates who are running for election in November did not show up or at least have information on themselves at the Grand and Glorious Garage Sale. How do you plan on winning an election when people don’t know anything about you? Same goes for the Republicans, who didn’t even have a booth. “

On a recent letter: 

“Edward Dawyot was mistaken.  The House Select Committee investigation regarding Benghazi was the lengthiest investigation in congressional history.  Counterterrorism expert Richard Clarke, who served under four presidents pointed out: ‘This has been completely examined many times ... It’s a political stunt using the lives of dead Americans, and there’s no reason in my mind to give the Republicans or anybody who says that this is serious any credibility whatsoever.  Just call it for what it is.’  Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta explained that our military didn’t rush to Benghazi because they couldn’t get there in time. After interrogating Hillary for 11 hours, Chairman Gowdy released a report that found no evidence of wrongdoing by the former secretary of state.  Dr. Anne Stevens, the sister of Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi, didn’t blame Clinton for her brother’s death.  She pointed to Congress for under-budgeting the State Department. “

On Denielle Cazzolla’s Aug. 10-11 column:

“Thank you, this needs to be said over and over. (Trump) and his rhetoric get people killed. He and his administration are full of alt-right racists.”

On changing gun laws in America:

“Licensure, annual recertification and rate of fire and clip limitations. Well-regulated militia.”

“Yes everyone who is not a criminal should be able to open carry.”

“I am not a gun owner. By choice. But I am am smart enough to know that stricter laws are not going to stop the violence. Because these laws don’t affect the criminals. Or some nut job who wants to kill as many people as they can.”

“Yeah the NYS SAFE Act is horrible. They need to stop violating our Second Amendment rights.”

“The Second Amendment is an anachronism, written at a time when the United States had no standing army (hence the amendment’s reference to a militia), the firing rate was measured in minutes, not milliseconds, and accuracy was 40-to-50 yards at best. The federal government already regulates automatic weapons, and it’s high time that assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines be included. Every society has mentally ill people, but the U.S. is the only one that gives them access to instruments of mass murder. How many people have to die or be maimed, how many families have to bury children before we accept common sense? Nobody wants to take away all guns, despite the NRA-inspired hysteria, but it’s insane to let this go on. Yes, people kill people, but guns (at least some of them) are what’s responsible for the carnage.”

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