On deputies’ cars:

“Why does the county allow a sheriff’s employee to have a car parked in their driveway, not being used (I see it parked all hours of the day) and not even being used as a deterrent, as I was once told, because you don’t even see it unless you know where to look? It just sits there in the driveway. Is this really how our tax dollars are being spent? Why is that car not being used for official business? Why do sheriff’s employees even get to take cars home?”

On a Sound Off:

“In reply to the Aug. 30, ‘On the NY19 Race’ comment. It was reassuring that the author recognizes the importance of integrity in politics. However, in defending representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Talib, Omar and Delgado, the author apparently could not use that attribute. And I still haven’t heard anyone specifically mention anything about the personal integrity of any of those representatives either in writing or on any of the news channels. Yes integrity is a rare attribute, but it shouldn’t be.”

On Dollar General in Franklin:

To the good folks of Franklin: Dollar General will be the kiss of death for your fair town. Low wage, no benefit jobs coupled with junky inventory means the fall of the village. The Dollar General stores may appear bright and shiny at first, but take the time now to stop by an “established” franchise and see the shabby appearance and not-so-clean interior. Also, take a gander at the prices: not always consumer friendly. Keep your money local!!

On white supremacy and gun violence:

“On the evening of June 17, 2015, nine people were shot and killed in Emanuel Africa Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. The church is one of our oldest black churches with a long history of community civil rights activism. The shooter’s father and uncle contacted police to positively identify Dylann Storm Roof after seeing a security photos of him on the news. An image on Facebook showed 21-year-old Roof wearing a jacket decorated with two emblems that are popular among American white supremacists. Root told friends and neighbors of his plans to kill people by attacking the College of Charleston, but his remarks were not taken seriously. Roof’s website included his hate-filled opinions of ‘Blacks,’ ‘Jews,’ ‘Hispanics’ and ‘East Asians,’ and a photo of him posing with a handgun and a Confederate battle flag. The Confederate flag and a gun doesn’t make a good combination.”

On a weapons arrest:

“The parents do the right thing by reporting their son having problems and the big boy deputies charged the father for a 15-round clip and some fireworks? Do you really think people will see something and say something if they are now going to get in trouble? This kid is a nice person who is having problems and needs help, the parents don’t need to be stepped on for minor stupidity, for lack of a better word.”

“And just like most of these stories the one thing they have in common is mental illness! California was a knife, Dayton was a gun and Davenport was a bomb. Get off the gun-ban the narrative, it is getting old. You want to help people rally for more available mental health treatment centers and accessible professionals. Treat the people and you fix the problem.”

“Good for her for being smart enough to make the call.”

“Obviously the charge for the 15-round clip is a bit much, but if the son is making pipe bombs and threatening to hurt himself, you can’t ignore it.”

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