On socialism and communism:

“A critic of columnist Robert Cairns doesn’t understand the difference between communism and socialism. The traditional definitions of socialism includes the government taking control of huge chunks of the economy and allocating resources. After the 1929 stock market collapse, Republican President Hoover insisted on a spending freeze during the Great Depression. By 1933, nearly 24.9 percent of Americans were unemployed. President Franklin Roosevelt took control of the economy by allocating resources to end the Great Depression and ultimately winning World War II. Democratic President Truman recognized the spread of communism to East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Albania. The Soviet Union targeted Turkey and Greece. The Truman Doctrine provided support to ‘free peoples who resisted subjugation attempted by armed minorities or outside pressures.’ In 1948, Congress ratified the Marshall Plan that provided more than $15 billion to finance rebuilding efforts on the devastated European continent.”

On speeding troopers:

“Why is it OK for state troopers to speed and travel in the left lane when they are not responding to an emergency? And I know they are not because I see it practically every morning as they are racing to get back to the office for the end of their shift. Why is it they don’t have to adhere to the speed laws?”

On the SAFE Act:

“And yet you can still, to this day, legally purchase AR-15 rifles in New York. A couple of cosmetic modifications, and they are good to go. The SAFE Act did nothing but give Cuomo a talking point.”

“Military-style weapons are not sold to the public. There are certain semi-automatic rifles that look like military weapons, but they use the same ammo and firing mechanisms as ordinary hunting rifles. Newspapers like this have to stop spreading disinformation about guns like this.”

“Cuomo equates the term ‘ban’ with the term ‘confiscate’ and never breaks a smile. He’s either stupid or lying. Perhaps he’s a coward and doesn’t want to face his people. I’ll guess he wants us to forget about the approximately 800,000 owners of errant firearms who still have not complied with the SAFE Act. Perhaps Cuomo has come to grips with the colossal cost and risk of finding judges willing to issue warrants. And then diverting police resources to locate the firearms and prove ownership. Arrest the suspects. Try the offenders. Defend against civil lawsuits for abuse of power. And so on. Seems a lot of trouble for nothing.”

On Joe Mahoney’s Aug. 9 column:

“If you want to harden the schools ask a soldier or a veteran familiar with physical security, force protection and anti-terrorism regulations to help you. Set backs, blast resistance, CCTV cams, access control systems, lighting, Jersey barriers etc. Work with someone who lives the threat and trains for it who knows how to slow it down and, if you’re lucky, deters it all together. It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when.”

On Gov. Cuomo’s falling favorability rating:

“Worst governor in the history of governors! But I doubt he goes anywhere with all the votes from NYC. Continue to screw upstate like usual.”

“After eight years of Bernie’s socialism, 2020-2028, POTUS Cuomo will Make America Capitalist Again.”

“Divide the state. New York City can keep Cuomo. “

“Gee maybe if he didn’t act quite so much like a third-world dictator .”

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