On the ICE raids :

“Regarding the ICE raids in Mississippi, these people were all employed at chicken processing plants. As reported in the Washington Post, the American owners of these plants have been recruiting Hispanic immigrants, legal and undocumented, for decades to do dangerous, dirty work at low wages. Apparently they cannot find local citizens to do this work at a wage they are willing to pay. These Trump country business owners are breaking the law every day to increase their profits while their undocumented employees are the ones that are arrested. So who are the real culprits here? The workers, the business owners, or the local folks who will complain about “illegals stealing my job” but would rather be unemployed than work in the processing plant?

On Southside Drive:

“The town of Oneonta Highway Department deserves an award for creative repairing of Southside Drive. Jackson Pollack would be proud of the patchwork patterns employed on this original approach to road repair.”

On Michael Barone’s Aug. 10-11 column:

“National conservatism is the opposite of conservatism. It subordinates the individual to the state as a means of social engineering. As one advocate, JD Vance, puts it, ‘We should care about a whole host of public goods, and actually be willing to use politics and political power to accomplish those goods.’ According to the long-established libertarian magazine, REASON, national conservatism ‘... cannot abide individual Americans making ... choices they do not like. For consumers, the question might be whether to buy foreign or domestic. For a business owner, it might be where to open a factory ... the new nationalists have decided not only that there is a right answer from a moral perspective but that government should force you to choose correctly. ‘ This is not conservatism, and it’s not American. It’s totalitarianism. Shame on Mr. Barone for trying to sell us this sinister idea.”

On race:

“Lately it seems like all our thoughts, words and deeds have someone being accused of racism. No one can express an opinion anymore without having someone being accused of the ‘race’ word. How can be get rid of ‘racism’ when it is constantly being brought up on the news, in the media, conversations, etc. It’s like there are no other reasons for things that happen. The word ‘race’ needs to be buried. We are all humans and all of us make mistakes, not because of our color, what country we came from, whether we are rich or poor, religious or nonreligious, small or large. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about The Aug. 3 Star had a headline ‘Retirement of only black House Republican jars GOP.’  Why was it necessary to say the man was black. If he was white, they wouldn’t have mentioned it. Lets think about it!”

On Think Differently Day at the Otsego County Fair:

This is wonderful for differently able children. We even have a movie house that shows the latest movies for children with sensory issues.

On our editorial on athletes and political statements:

“Since we have a reality TV president nothing is off the table.”

“Stick to playing your game and leave the politics to Mr. Trump. He’s doing what we voted him in to do.”

“You use whatever platform you have.”

On the proposed NYSEG rate hike:

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t have a choice. Did you think people would say ‘yayyyy we want to pay more for utilities?’.”

“They are so crooked it’s not like we have a say in it. Looking into alternative power and be done with them.”

“Didn’t they just get a raise? How come when the cost of electric goes down they don’t lower the rate. Each month we are charged a fee for maintenance, billing, and meters. The service doesn’t improve and there have been many outages.”

“They already charge such an extreme amount, it’s insane.”

“Wow, in ‘98-’99 I thought they had a higher rate. I’m glad I got out of that city and out of that high taxed state.”

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