"Yes. I'm one of the associate deans at Hartwick so I'm hosting a Martin Luther King dinner discussion." — Harry Bradshaw Matthews, Davenport

"I'll be busy at work." — Andi Gulotta, Cooperstown

"No. I'm retired but if I was working I would work on any holiday. So it's got nothing to do with who it is. It could be Columbus Day and I'm going to work." — Joe Poliseno, Westford

 "No." — Joseph Rauchbauer, Sidney Center

"Unfortunately I'll still be at work. In retail we don't really have that day off. It'd be nice if we did because it'd give us a chance to either learn more about Martin Luther King or educate others about him, to just show the validity of what he did." — Marcos Villanueva, Otego

"I will be off from work for Martin Luther King's birthday, but I probably won't go to any services." — Lisa Zuend-Misner, Oneonta

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