Are you interested in this year's Baseball Hall of Fame inductions?

"No. I'm a baseball fan, but I didn't even know about it."

Megan Ennis, Long Beach, pre-school teacher.

"I'm not a big baseball person. I'm not too excited."

Donna Ennis, Oneonta, YMCA front desk.

"I am excited about it. A lot of these people come (to Oneonta). I think it will be good for local businesses. Last year, we had a very busy weekend."

Kate Mallick, Oneonta, student.

"I'm very excited. Our son is playing ball here. We think this is a great town."

Charlie Rasak, Plymouth, Mass., corporate communications director.

"We are very excited to be here. (Oneonta) is the coolest little town ever."

Dawn Rasak, Plymouth, Mass., media buyer.

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