“Yeah, I believe so. It could be put to better purposes like other states who are turning it into an election day. Something more relevant and a little less culturally inappropriate.” 

— Glenn Doherty, New York City.

“Coming from an Italian-American, and it would make my grandfather roll in his grave, but yes.” 

— Joe Imperi, DeLancey.

“My honest answer to that is we can celebrate both the indigenous people as well as Columbus’ efforts to discover America.” 

— William Monks, Bowie, Maryland.


— James Scaduto, New Paltz.

“No, because it’s a part of history. I’m not saying it’s a good part of history. If you remove it, you forget about it. It’s an awful thing that did happen, but it shouldn’t be forgotten.” 

— Thomas Vasak, Farmingville.

“I don’t think so. It’s one of those things where people are just too uptight about it. We’ve been doing it my whole life and everybody else’s life. Why change it?” 

— Kevin Whitbeck, Delhi.

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