Smoking is still the leading cause of residential fires. In honor of Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 6 through Oct. 13, I am writing to encourage landlords to adopt a smoke-free-policy for their multi-unit buildings.

Approximately 1,000 people are killed every year from fires ignited by smoking materials. A number of smoking-related house and trailer fires were reported in The Daily Star during the past year.

It is especially important to protect student renters, as well as landlords, from blazes carelessly caused by cigarettes. We certainly want Oneonta to retain the reputation as being a safe place to get an education.

Creating a tobacco-free policy for a building does not infringe on any smoker’s rights.

Tenants have a right to breathe fresh air. Creating a tobacco-free policy is totally legal and it’s easy to do.

To learn how, contact Rural Three for Tobacco Free Communities at 547-7639.

Marcia Kozubek


Kozubek is project coordinator for Rural Three for Tobacco Free Communities.

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