Teacher was wrong to dismiss fracking

As a longtime resident of Delaware County, and a person with strong business connections to the area, I was shocked to find that my grandson who was graduating from an unnamed upstate high school was told by his science teacher that fracking was not safe.

This is incomprehensible for two reasons. Firstly, fracking is being done successfully just over the Southern Tier border in Pennsylvania. Secondly, that teacher’s pension funds are in seriously trouble by what we accountants call “unfunded past service costs.” This is money that has been promised to teachers based on time already spent on the job that is not available to pay pensions in the future. Exit taxes from the taking of gas and oil through fracking would help mitigate the problem. I think this is just another case of liberal teachers promoting their liberal philosophy.

I also find it interesting that some of the loudest opponents of wind electric generation are teachers, who are usually the loudest conservationists.

Niagara-Mohawk has some of the lowest electric rates in New York state due to electric generation from flowing water, but generating electricity through wind will also help to keep electric costs low. It would be wonderful to see windmills on top of Delaware County hills.

Charles I. Steinberg

Long Beach

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