Here are some recent headlines that make my stomach turn:

U.S. aid to Syria reaches $445 million with recent $60 million announced: USA Today, Feb 28.

U.S. providing Syrian rebels $123 million more in aid: Associated Press, April 20. 

U.S. and John Kerry announce $250 million in U.S. aid for Egypt: New York Times, March 3.

U.S. military aid to Lebanon last six months 2012 reaches $140 million:, Jan. 7.

U.S. financial aid to Pakistan since 9/11 reaches $20 billion with Obama’s most recent $3 billion: Wikipedia.

Now, after reading the disgraceful headlines above: here are some others here in the same country:

Older workers can’t afford to retire: Newsday, March 3.

11,000 U.S. teachers laid off in December 2012:, Jan. 7.

VA Healthcare System Failing Veterans: POGO blog, March 28.

To sum up: Tens of thousands of U.S. teachers have been laid off in the U.S. in the last year. Inner-city children do not have gyms to play basketball in. Our elderly have to work longer than they thought they would have to. Our health care system is failing our wounded. Our roads are littered with tons of decomposing plastics and chemicals seeping into our drinking water. (And we wonder why cancer rates are at an all-time high.) A record number of people in the U.S. are now on food stamps, starving or homeless. 

Our politicians are still smiling for the cameras and attending golf outings and $1,000-a-plate dinner dates with wealthy foreigners. And these same politicians wonder why some of us wish the laws of the land were like the old days, before they had four branches of military to protect them.

Sal Furnari


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