I applaud The Daily Star’s concern with the potential for voter fraud, as shown by a two-vote win in a local election, and agree something should happen to preserve our one-person (legally registered), one-vote system of government. Why hasn’t The Daily Star addressed, more importantly, voter fraud on a national level? Please connect the dots. 

Last presidential election, the Department of Justice refused to investigate intimidation at polls by the new Black Panthers, but what would have happened if the KKK pulled the same stunt?

The Supreme Court rules in favor of North Carolina and Texas to police their own elections, but the DOJ is investigating them for requiring proper ID at polls!

Film makers of “Zero Dark Thirty” are afforded classified details of the bin Laden raid, and the DOJ refuses to investigate leaked information despite criminal referral from Pentagon’s Office of Inspector General, with the movie released before the election.

Murder of four Americans in Benghazi and all the false statements made prior to election and a continuing investigation or, as Hillary said, “What difference does it make?”

Conservative organizations applying for tax-exempt status were stymied by IRS while many liberals pass muster so they can fill political coffers, and IRS head Ms. Lerner claims Fifth Amendment rights at a congressional investigation, saying she did nothing wrong and is off on full taxpayer-paid salary. The fraudulent registration of voters by ACORN and Project Vote show the necessity of policing our voter rolls to truly protect our voting process and be “one person, one vote” — in one place.

Edward V. Dawyot

Mount Vision

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