Oneonta opened its track season Tuesday with a win at home over Windsor by a team score of 74-47.

The Yellowjackets finished first in the 1,600 and 3,200 meter relays with times of 6:38.5 and 14:21.3.

Oneonta's Lance Maben finished first in the 100-meter with a time of 11.8 seconds, and in the triple jump at 34-8.5. Steven Baker finished first in the 400-meter hurdles and the pole vault. Tim Ghiorse won the shot put and discus events for Oneonta.

Brandon Gardner and Korbin Jones finished first in the 3,200-meter for OHS, while Nick Kahl finished first in the 400-meter with a time of 59.8. Jack Gustafson finished first in the 800-meter with a time of 2:20.2.

"It was a pretty good meet considering we've only practiced for week. For our athletes to be prepared in such a short amount of time was impressive," Oneonta coach Dan Forbes said via email. "They performed well and filled in events that they haven't trained for to try to get more points. Our athletes made for a great evening."

Oneonta's next meet is at home Tuesday, May 4, against Chenango Valley.

Track and Field

at Oneonta

Team scores: Oneonta 74, Windsor 47

3,200-meter relay: Oneonta 14:21.3.

1,600-meter relay: Oneonta 6:38.5.

400-meter relay: Windsor: 57.8, Oneonta 61.7.

110-meter hurdles: Joseph Smith (Windsor) 21.2, Taneli Crenshaw (Windsor) 24.2.

100-meter: Lance Maben (Oneonta) 11.8, Nicolas Marra (Windsor) 12.1, Hunter Adornato (Windsor) 12.3.

1,600-meter: Jacob Sansom (Windsor) 4:56.5, Korbin Jones (Oneonta) 5:14.7, Brandon Gardner (Oneonta) 5.19.3.

400-meter: Nick Kahl (Oneonta) 59.8.

400-meter hurdles: Stephen Baker (Oneonta) 74.1, Joseph Smith (Windsor)

800-meter: Jack Gustafson (Oneonta) 2:20.2, Vlad Sheehan (Windsor) 2:29.4, Ian House (Oneonta) 2:31.2.

200-meter: Hunter Adornato (Windsor) 26.4, Eli House (Oneonta) 28.2, Stephen Baker (Oneonta) 29.

3,200-meter: Brandon Gardner (Oneonta) 12.21.1, Korbin Jones (Oneonta) 12:21.1, Vlad Sheehan (Windsor) 12:35.1.

Shot put: Tim Ghiorse (Oneonta) 112-5.

High jump: Tanner Krum (Windsor) 5-2, Hezekiah Clarke (Oneonta) 4'4.

Long jump: N. Marra (Windsor) 15-7.5, A. Dietzen (Windsor) 15-5, Lance Maben (Oneonta) 15-4.

Triple jump: Lance Maben (Oneonta) 34-8.5, Eli House (Oneonta) 30-1. Jacob Ford (Oneonta) 24-11.

Pole vault: Stephen Baker (Oneonta) 9-6.

Oneonta 93, Windsor 30

Oneonta's girls outdoor track team defeated Windsor with a 93-30 team score in a season-opening meet Tuesday.

The Yellowjackets won the 3,200-meter relay and 1,600-meter relay with team times of 14:23.3 and 6:38.5, and the 400-meter relay in 57.8.

Oneonta's Simone Schuman took first place in the 800-meter 1,500-meter, and 3,000-meter events with times of 3:48.2, 5:42.5 and 11:49.6. Teammate Yuliah Johnson won the 200-meter and 100-meter events, while Lois Jelic finished first in the 100-meter hurdles and 400-meter hurdles.

Gabi Ragozzine took first place in the shot put and discus events. Veronika Madej finished first in the 400-meter, while Tiffani Lincoln and Sabrina Scianimanico won the long jump and pole vault respectively.

Because of an editor's error, these scores were omitted from Tuesday's roundup. The boys scores appeared in Wednesday's print edition and are available online.


at Oneonta

Team scores: Oneonta 93, Windsor 30

3,200-meter relay: Oneonta 14.21.3.

1,600-meter relay: Oneonta 6:38.5.

400-meter relay: 57.8.

100-meter hurdles: Lois Jelic (Oneonta) 21, Kaitlyn Jones (Windsor) 22, Sabrina Scianimanico (Oneonta) 22.8.

100-meter: Yuliah Johnson (Oneonta) 13.6, Casie Kephart (Windsor) 14, Lucy Beattie (Windsor) 14.9

1,500-meter: Simone Schuman (Oneonta) 5:42.5, Darby Morgan (Windsor) 6:10.9.

400-meter: Veronika Madej (Oneonta) 66.9, Casie Kephart (Windsor) 78.3

800-meter: Simone Schuman (Oneonta) 3:48.2, Autumn Nealis (Oneonta) 3:48.9, Sam Ficano (Oneonta) 3:49.4.

200-meter: Yuliah Johnson (Oneonta) 29.1, Veronika Madej (Oneonta) 29.2, Lucy Beattie (Windsor) 31.5

3,000-meter: Simone Schuman (Oneonta) 11:49.6

Shot put: Gabi Ragozzine (Oneonta) 30-5.25

Discus: Gabi Ragozzine (Oneonta) 92-1

High Jump: Kristen Benedict (Windsor) 4-6, Tiffani Lincoln (Oneonta) 4-4

Long Jump: Tiffani Lincoln (Oneonta) 14-5, Maggie Nealis (Oneonta) 11-4.5

Triple Jump: Kaitlyn Jones (Windsor) 24-7.25

Pole Vault: Sabrina Scianimanico (Oneonta) 6-6

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