Coop All Star Village cancels first week

Cooperstown All Star Village is the latest summer baseball staple to be impacted by COVID-19, as the park announced the cancellation of its first week of tournament action Monday, May 5.

The opening week was set to run from June 6 through June 12.

“We notified our teams in early March that cancellation of their teams tournament week would be one month prior to the tournament,” Cooperstown All Star Village president Martin Patton told The Daily Star on Tuesday via email. “Since they had made all their arrangements to play in our tournament, our teams felt it was a responsible thing to do.”

The announcement follows a statement from the park in March that stated it would begin deciding the status of its tournaments during the first week of May.

Tournaments are scheduled to run until Aug. 28 at the park with 65 teams, on average, expected to attend per week.

“Our plan is to continue to follow the one-month notice until we get clarity from the experts, government, state and local health agencies,” Patton said.

Essentially, from now on the park will make a decision each week whether or not the tournaments four weeks down the line will take place.

When asked if Monday’s announcement has caused teams slated to play later in the summer to pull out, Patton said “very few have opted out early.”

This decision comes a week after the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum canceled this summer’s Hall of Fame Induction Weekend. March 20, Cooperstown Dreams Park scratched its entire summer season.

“For now we are staying with the month in advance notice,” Patton said regarding further cancellations. “Of course the health and safety of everyone is paramount.”

Team contacts and coaches of teams signed up for the first week will receive an email regarding the cancellation, according to a statement on the park’s website.

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