Second Time Up Doubletop…

No, I didn’t run into a skunk the other day while fishing. I wasn’t sprayed - I just didn’t catch anything.

With all this stay-at-home stuff and avoiding personal contact with anyone but my wife, I refuse to just sit around and do nothing. Oh, Pat and I have spent some quality time together. We bought some jigsaw puzzles at Weaver’s store in Morris, and believe me, they’re tough. We’ve binge-watched several series and movies on Netflix, and have been doing some fishing.

A few days ago while fishing some local spots, we caught perch, bluegills and even a few crappies. It was great. We’d throw out our lines using a bobber with a small worm and get a nice fish every few minutes. These panfish were scrappy little devils and really fun to catch. Besides that, it didn’t take very many to make a nice meal.

On Sunday, we took our great-grandson along, and he wanted to fish, too. I rigged him up a pole and cast the bobber and bait out into the pond. Within just minutes he had a hit. The bobber was dragged beneath the surface, and he started to reel it in. Once on shore I grabbed it and removed the hook. He was excited.

“If you want to catch more fish, you have to kiss your first one,” I told him; Jimmy Houston always did that on his outdoor fishing shows. Well, Vinny would have nothing to do with that, so I released it into the bucket. Note: When his mother was that age, she kissed her first fish. Her brothers refused. She out-fished both of them that day.

After a while Vinny spotted a salamander next to the shore, and the fishing was over. He spent the rest of the time trying to catch himself a pet.

Another day, Pat and I went back to one of our favorite spots. She had a fish in before I had the bucket ready for the fish. The fishing was not like it had been earlier in the week. I guess the change in the weather and all the rain shut the fish down. Pat caught four, and I finally got one.

Later in the day I called up Rich, my hiking and skiing buddy, to see if he wanted to fish. We returned to the pond. He caught one crappie and seven bluegills. I got none, zippo, zero!

“Come down here where I am,” he said.

Finally I gave in and we changed places, maintaining our social distancing. His worm hit the water where I had just fished, and he got a hit. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. I did hook into two fish, but both got off before I could get them to shore. One of them was Rich’s fault, I was removing the hook from his fish that was swallowed way too deep when I got a hit.

But, that’s fishing. Have you ever heard that old saying, “You should have been here yesterday?” Well, I’ll probably try it again tomorrow. I can’t be any worse.

I talked with some people the other day from down near New Paltz. The woman told me that they tried to go hiking the weekend before. Every parking area was jammed with cars, and the trails were crowded with people. Obviously people are tired of being cooped up and told to stay home.

I must ask, if I can go to Walmart and buy bait, why can’t I buy it from the local guy in the small store down the street? If it goes on much longer, he’ll be out of business in the future. Sorry, but I had to rant!

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