A hole-in-one is among the most difficult feats to accomplish in golf, and in all of sports. The amount of precision, accuracy and — let’s face it — luck needed to drain an ace is incredibly high.

Most golfers are grateful if they sink one over the course of their career, but Oneonta resident Melvin Cook doubled the fun when he registered two aces in a span of three days at Ouleout Creek Golf Course in North Franklin earlier this month.

“On the par-3 18th hole, I used a 7-iron, hit it on the green and then it rolled in the cup,” Cook said. “On the par-4 ninth hole, I hit my driver and put it into the cup.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Cook continued, “It went right in the cup.”

Cook, who is 80 years old, recorded the first ace May 3, then followed up with his second hole-in-one May 5, both from the red tees. Harry Greiner and Alfredo Caruso witnessed the initial ace while Greiner witnessed the follow-up.

“[I’ve] belonged to that particular golf club for quite some time,” Cook said, with help from his wife, Edee, in a phone interview with The Daily Star on Tuesday. “When the weather is nice a bunch of guys go there whenever [we] can.”

Cook said he did not play golf in high school or college, but that a few of his friends introduced him to the sport later in life. He said he’s been a member at Ouleout Creek for 15 to 20 years and has been an avid golfer since he was 30 years old.

“[I’m] very active, very strong, not sick at all,” Cook said.

According to Cook, he also earned a hole-in-one on the fourth hole at Ouleout earlier in his playing career.

Cook’s consecutive aces were the first of the year and now that the sharp-shooting golfer’s confidence is up, he’s aiming for more with the entire summer season ahead.

“[I] can drive the greens and [I’m] apt to get another one,” Cook said. “[I] think [I’m] just coming alive.”

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