MAC All-Stars missed someone

I am writing this letter to let everyone know how I feel about the selection of the Midstate Athletic Conference Boys Soccer All-Stars.

I don’t know how they chose them, but I know of one senior whom I thought should have been on that list.

He has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old and devoted his entire life to playing soccer. He has traveled to Norwich to play in their winter league and for quite a few summers gone to soccer camp in Oneonta.

He was captain of his team this year and even though his team did not do well, he encouraged them and never gave up. He went above and beyond every game to be the best and was in the top 10 for goals this year, but I guess he was not good enough to make the list, not even honorable mention.

He has been on the list for the last two years and this will be his last for high school. He was looking forward and had saved his money to go to Italy this year. Now his dreams have been shattered and why? I guess we will never know.

I hope if you had anything to do with the selection, I want you to know you had a part in shattering someone’s so far entire life in doing what he loved the most.

Barbara Bowker,

Mount Upton

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