Question: What is one thing you will absolutely do this summer?

"My brother and I planned out a fishing trip up north; I'm excited for it. Other than that, I'm open for adventures to find me."

— Adam Goldberg, student, Cooperstown

"That's hard to answer, anytime I plan something for my summer it changes. I guess I'll definitely be working and using my new grill."

— Erik Flagg, student, Oneonta

"Bonfires, definitely going to have lots of bonfires with my friends this summer. We do it every summer actually; it's the one thing I can bank on every Friday night."

— Jackie Beech, student, Schoharie

"I can promise you that I will be eating a lot of ice cream; I'm absolutely sure of that."

— Melanie Gorman, retail, Oneonta

"I'm going to be baby-sitting this summer, and I plan on doing a lot of stuff outside like swimming and bike riding with the kids."

— Laura Anderson, child care, Meredith

"I will absolutely be working, that's an all-year-round guarantee."

— Amy Phillips, server, Utica

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